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I didn't want to have to do this but as i've just become aware of someone has stolen my work, butchered it and posted it up as their own. When i got into contact they changed their profile and now it says to get permission from me before stealing my work... even though SHE never got permission from me in the first place. I've locked down all fic, if you want to read my work you'll have to friend me. At least this way i'll have an open dialogue with the people wanting access to my work.

Talking to her was like talking to a brick wall. She refused to take it down and wouldn't listen to me at all.


So, after a lengthy back and forth process i managed to get the little idiot to take down what she had up by pretending i was going to adopt "her" idea. *shudder*. She straight up told me that she thought that fanfic authors who 'abandon' their fics should die and that i "deserved" it. That was in the BEGINNING of the conversation. Right after that she was trying to tell me that the addition of her two OC!Fem!Naruto!Sister!Clones MUST make the story, that i MUST add everything she had in her story and that she was looking forward to the next chapter of KWS in the next breath. So she can "see what happens next." ........................... So. Old fics are on lockdown. If she tries posting it again let me know. Also people should look through the rest of "her" fics, if she tried it with me she's tried it before. I'm just the only one so far who got pissed off enough to DO something about her theft.

As the Naruto fandom seems to be one of her comfort zones I think i'm going to steer clear from that one from now on, it's not like i don't have OTHER fandoms to play around in. I still have HP and a fandom a friend introduced me to called Katekyo Hitman Reborn. XDD Come over to Ao3 to read my newest fics and thank Araceil for getting me back into writing if you happen to run across HER fics, every single one of them is GOLD.

Here is my Ao3 link.

And here is Araceil's, the lovely author who got me back into writing.



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